Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Day At The Blog

So finally I too fell to the charms of Blogging!! Now with Orkut, Flickr, FB and Twitter already keeping my hand, my computer's RAM and dad's mouth busy (for shouting at me!!) this should add a little more Bio-Diesel fuel (always think bout Global Warming before cracking any Joke) to the fire!! But the credit goes to my little girl (Girlfriend....not daughter mind you) for bringing out the "Arvind Adiga" in me....or is it the mindset "Why should only I suffer?" So over the next few days I shall cover a vast variety of topics ranging from blah blah blah to the present flavour of the season blah blah blah!! I hope to have fun with this as well and hope the same for you too. Alright, time for me to sleep now. Will hopefully come back tomorrow. Goodnight blog:)

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