Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Story Behind The Picture

Water Drops Keep Falling From My Pipe!! Magic In The Water
It had been quiet a long time since I had uploaded a photo that in my opinion was amazing. There are very few instances when I've taken a photo and I've thought "Wow, this is amazing" So on the night of 06 May, 2009, I was brushing my teeth before hitting the bed when I noticed water drops dripping from my pipe. Now that's the thing bout photography. Once you are seriously into photography, the things that were earlier irritating or were of lesser significance, are of great value!! You tend to look for even the minutest details and see if there's a photo-opportunity in it!! That's the thing bout photography. Anyway coming back to my story, these drops were continously dropping from the I knew this was MY photo-opportunity and I'm not gonna miss it for anything. So I went and got my camera and took few shots of it....and voila....they came out beautifully. It had always been my dream to take the photo of something "hanging in the air"!! It could be a bee, fly or anything for that matter. But then, not everyday is your day!! But this time, I got what I wanted....a drop suspended in the air!! Its beauty cannot be described in words. It was as if I had frozen time and motion in my photo forever!! Add a little processing and behold....a picture that made my day:)

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